Video Productions

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“The Suit Makes the Man” a short comedy film starring Graham Putnam, Cynthia King, Jordan Cameron, & Al Tuck. Produced by Dave MacKay, Directed by Joscelynne Bordeaux, & Edited by PL Holden.

Heather Wilson International’s Web Trailer

“The Lost Amulets” by Cindy Lapeña book trailer.

“Lost” performed by Tali Dennerstein. A Music video filmed by Joscelynne Bordeux, edited by PL Holden.

“Carrot Gleaning @ Jen & Derek’s Organic Farm” Filmed by Keith Kennedy, edited by PL Holden.

“Behind The Scenes” at Fox Henderson’s filming of “Bimbo Zombie Killers: Moonshine of the Damned”. Filmed by PL Holden, Music by Rob Gaudet.

“Stratford Skateboard Park Campaign” filmed by Alex Stokes, Edited by PL Holden, Music by Rob Gaudet.

“Top Notch Tours Promo” filmed by Mark Jenkins, edited by PL Holden, music by Carole Mansour.


One Comment to “Video Productions”

  1. Great job Peter! Looking forward to many more!

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