Confederation Centre

The Confederation Centre of the Arts

1600 DSC_0536-01-1ConfedLocated in the heart of Charlottetown, The Confederation Centre of the Arts is a national living memorial complex to the Fathers of Confederation monument to arts and culture & the biggest and best-known for live theatre in Prince Edward Island. The newly improved theatre expanded this year to 1100 new seats, 2 new aisles, new acoustic and lighting tech, catwalks and more! (biggest reno in the history of the Centre) It is the home of the Charlottetown Festival and features the world’s longest running annual musical (GUINNESS) Anne of Green Gables The Musical every summer!
Not only is can you find year-round live entertainment here, there is also an impressive art gallery, fine cuisine at Mavors Bistro, and a gift shop with all sorts of neat little items. The Confederation Players Walking Tours can take you back to the days of the founding fathers of Confederation. For the ultimate theatre experience on PEI, this is the place to be.

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Ticket information for The Confederation Centre of the Arts

Confederation Centre


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