Kings Playhouse

Built in 1897, in the picturesque Georgetown, PEI,  The Kings Playhouse features a great line up this summer.

Every Tuesday year round The Tuesday Night Ceilidh features some great music.   Tickets are available online.

Set smack-dab in the middle of the quaint and quiet Georgetown on the east coast of PEI, the Kings Playhouse is easy to find.  You can’t miss the huge forest-green structure, it was originally built as a Town Hall/Playhouse and when it burned in 1983 it was rebuilt using a similiar style to the original building. The Playhouse in fact is one of the longest running playhouses in Canada with over 115 seasons having being performed!  The high, arched ceiling following the barn-like roof would certainly have contributed to the acoustics of the theatre, but one would never find that out because the whole cast wore wireless mikes.  There is sufficient parking space around the Playhouse and in the adjacent strip mall, and the roads were wide with roomy shoulders that can also be used for parking on a full night.

The arrangement of the seats throughout the audience is semi-circular so that end seats still get good lines of sight. There must be enough seating for an audience of approximately 287, which is a pretty good number. There is a full complement of forward lights and speakers.
A large hall outside the theatre but within the same structure makes a perfect setting for gala performances and cast parties. Finally, I must mention that the Kings Playhouse has the best and prettiest washroom of all the theatres I’ve been to, so far. All in all, this is an experience I would be happy to repeat!

If you plan to be  Down East, The Kings Playhouse is a great place to take in some stellar live entertainment.

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Kings playhouse

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