The Mack (MacKenzie Theatre)

The Mack

Just around the corner from the Confederation Centre, The Mack is located on the corner of University Ave. & Grafton. This gem of a theatre seats 200 and is cabaret style (tables and chairs). Seating in the theatre is reserved. Please note that some evening performances at The Mack are licensed to 19 years of age and over as liquor is served.   

Ticket Information for The Mack


3 Comments to “The Mack (MacKenzie Theatre)”

  1. oh my gosh this show was awesome! Hilarious! Unbelievable! I’m coming back to watch it again!

  2. Not enough up-to-date information. I would have thought it would be announcing the Literary Awards to beheld on the 7th of May. Also where and how do we get tickets for this awards night? What is the cost for those tickets? Have heard nothing in the media about this.

    • Sorry Kathy, not sure if I’ve responded to this, but this is editor PL Holden & the comments section in the admin section is jam packed with spam so I try to avoid it most of the time as a scan-through of new messages can end up eating up hours of my time with very little relevant information. We are putting a little more effort into keeping more up to date on things (especially for the island venues) & hope to have info for what’s happening added on a weekly basis. If you have any other questions in the future, send them to which I check on a daily basis!

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